These high school classes (9-12) are taught in a four quarter format, two lasting seven weeks and two lasting eight weeks. They generally start the last week of August and end the second week of May. We meet weekly for 1 1/2 hours. Classes consist of lecture and discussion which are not included in the text. Classes are offered according to parental demand and are usually determined by June.

There are two tracks available. The first one is for a grade, made up of two tests and one paper each quarter. The other is an audit track where students do the readings and the homework and attend class, but they are not tested. Obviously, if a student takes it for a grade, they will retain much more of the teaching.

World History Class

God is involved with His creation from the beginning and in each step of the way to the present with the hope of the coming eternity. It combines with this perspective the Biblical principles approach to understanding the meaning of life.

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U.S. History Class

Our great nation is built upon a foundation, but unfortunately the majority of Americans today know very little of this foundation, laid by our Founding Fathers.

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Economics Class

This course will explain solid Biblical principles as well as expose the foolish thinking of modern socialist economists. We also discuss the role of government in our semi-socialist economy.

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Government Class

Few people have a Biblical understanding of law and jurisdictions. This class will deal with basic concepts of government and then look closely at the principles on which our United States Government was formed.

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