U.S. History

US-ConstitutionOur great nation is built upon a foundation, but unfortunately the majority of Americans today know very little of this foundation, laid by our Founding Fathers. We are at a critical time, since for the last hundred years Americans are destroying this foundation as they have strayed from the God of our fathers. This class deals with not only the facts of Colonial settlement but the reasons why people came to America. It explains the important details and motivations for the War of Independence, which very few Americans understand today. From there it traces the development of our nation to our modern day.

First Quarter:  America’s Spiritual Roots, 1585 – 1783

Nothing happens by mistake. We will discuss God’s sovereign plan in the colonizing of America. We will also look at the mixed motives and mixed bag of people that God used to establish this nation. Then we will look closely at the Great Awakening—by far the greatest revival this nation has ever experienced—and, of course, one of the greatest results of this Great Awakening: the American Republic.

Second Quarter:  America’s Manifest Destiny, 1783 – 1869

Did our Founding Fathers establish a democracy? We will answer this question, as well as learn who our Founding Fathers were and what kind of a foundation they established for us. We will discover how this foundation was greatly shaken by the American Civil War. In the midst of the shaking, we will see that God still did many mighty works in people’s lives.

Third Quarter:  America’s Coming of Age, 1869 – 1929

Prosperity can be a blessing, but it can also lead to spiritual disaster. We will discuss the loss of the American Republic and the radical changes that occurred in America during the period of its greatest growth through World War I into the 1920’s. Even in this cooling off period, we will discuss how God used America in His worldwide plan.

Fourth Quarter:  America’s Turning Away, 1929 – present

What is a Great Depression? We will answer this question and learn about its result. We will also discuss America at its modern day crossroads. Which way will you choose to go?


$50 per student per quarter for recommended credit; $30 per student per quarter to audit. Students must also procure their own copy of “United States History,” Fourth Edition, published by BJU Press. We cover the book and a multitude of additional information as it relates to United States history.


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