World History

p191f89lnh17hs1qnk9fj1sm113b3This class looks at world history from a providential perspective. God is involved with His creation from the beginning and in each step of the way to the present with the hope of the coming eternity. It combines with this perspective the Biblical principles approach to understanding the meaning of life. This class will use the BJU curriculum, 3rd edition. Additional information will be presented every week as we look at God’s plan through all the ages. This is a foundational course as it helps students see the bigger picture of life.

First Quarter:

We will begin by looking at different concepts of history and then focus on Genesis and Creation. From there we will move on to discuss the ancient civilizations of the Bible and the ancient Greeks followed by Roman history. We’ll end this quarter focusing on the empires of Byzantine and Islam.

Second Quarter:

The second quarter will begin looking at the often neglected civilizations of Asia and Africa followed by a study of Medieval Europe. The remaining part of the quarter will focus on the two great movements of the Renaissance and the Reformation.

Third Quarter:

We will discuss the Age of Reason and the Age of Liberty including the American War of Independence. This quarter will finish out studying the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution with their effects on European society.

Fourth Quarter:

The fourth quarter will focus first on both the imperialism and evangelism of the 19th century followed by the life changing effects of World Wars I and II. This will be followed up by a study of the Cold War Era and the world condition of the last twenty years to present.


$50 per student per quarter for recommended credit; $30 per student per quarter to audit. Students must also procure their own copy of “World History,” Third Edition, published by BJU Press. We cover the book as well as additional information as it relates to world history.


If you are interested in taking this course, please contact us by phone at 303-422-1388 or by email at